If you want to learn how to launch WordPress site on Bluehost, then you are in the right place.

I will provide you a stepwise guide here that you can follow and launch your website in the next few minutes.

It’s that simple.

I am going to get you a free domain name and the famous one-click WordPress install at Bluehost.

So, the first step is to click on this link to go to Bluehost, the best web hosting you might have heard, for WordPress.

So, if you click to get started, you’re going to see the basic plan on the left Which is the one that most people use to install WordPress.

This has got a lot of great reviews and it’s generally just the most common way to install WordPress.

But because Bluehost is so advanced.

They’ve created a basic WordPress plan.

If you hover on WordPress and click WordPress hosting, you’ll find the same basic plan for the same price.

But with more upgraded WordPress features like two hundred dollars in marketing credit.

So obviously, I want to get this one for you. It also comes with automatic WordPress install, updates all sorts of cool WordPress features.

Obviously, I want your blog to be as powerful as it can be.

All right, so you could read a little more if you want That’s the same price of $3.95 a month, and then once you’re ready just click choose plan scroll down and if you are going to keep things on a budget then select the basic plan, Of course, you get the plus plan.

I would recommend spending $2 extra and go for the Plus plan because you get an unlimited plan by just paying an extra 2 dollars.

Powerful Bluehost Hosting

In the future, if you want to host a few more websites after experimenting with your first one then it would be easy when you have an unlimited hosting plan.

Next, you’re going to choose a domain name. Alright, so if you search for a domain name.

You’re going to have the option to put in any words you want and then choose an extension, which is like a .com or .net.

I want you to know that the dot com is the most recognizable and also the most profitable if you sell your website some days, so always try to get the dot com.

Although there isn’t any negative impact of choosing a different one, like SEO impact if you choose like an org or Co, after selecting your domain hit next.

Or, you can directly search for your desired domain name on Bluehost from the below tool and select the domain then host your website by following the simple steps in no time.

Of course, your domain name might not be available right away So you might need to do a little more hunting like replace guide with setup or go with your name.com.

That’s always a good one. You can celebrate now that you’ve gotten yourself a good domain name and next it’s time to create your account.

So, you’re going to pop in account information, which is just like your name and your business name, which is optional.

You’re going to put in stuff like the country, street address, city, and of course, all that information is 100% secure.

You’re going to make sure you choose the best option for you today.

The price goes down if you register more months upfront. You’ll just have to pay a little bit more upfront, but you’ll get it at less cost per month.

The hosting price is just the number of months. You registered four times the price domain for free and you get free SSL for security.

Next, you’ll see the package extras. All right so obviously you want to check off on all of those because you’re going to stay on a budget.

I can show you how to do most of these tasks for free with a plugin or You can add them on later in the future if you really need them.

It’s not a big deal.

Best web hosting

All right It’s finally time for the payment information and you’re going to pay for your Bluehost web hosting just like you would at any other major online retailer.

Bluehost has over two million customers right now, a really great brand found by Matt Eaton, and today they’re going to get one more customer because you’re going to join in.

Now it’s time to hit submit after providing your payment information and this will take care of your domain name and hosting and in the next step, you’re just going to install WordPress.

You should know that it’s really easy and fun and now you get to enjoy the same Bluehost setup that everyone you might have talked to who has already done it earlier.

So, once you’re ready, you’re just going to hit submit and it’ll say your purchase was successful. Great.

Now you just need to hit create account to get going. Next, it’s time to create your password. So, you just have your domain name in there and choose any password that meets all their criteria.

Try to make it strong and then create your account. All Right, you have made good progress, keep going.

Click go to login and it’s going to ask you a quick little test, which is, do you remember the password you just made?

So, make sure you’re on hosting login and remember that password, type it in and now you’re going to click login.

Here you’re almost to your WordPress blog. Congrats! You have made it so far.

It’s a big commitment and you’re setting yourself apart from so many other bloggers who decide to create a free blog.

Alright, so now let’s create a website with some details.

How to Launch WordPress Site on Bluehost

So, the first thing is just the name of your site, which is literally just whatever your site title is. Whatever you want to call it.

I just like calling it the same as the domain name, you know Whatever is in your domain name just put those words in the site title, and then for your tagline, that would be like a slogan for your website.

So, maybe your favorite quote would work great there.

When you do this, WordPress is going to take that information and put it on your blog. So, you’ll see it once you log into WordPress.

Now it says, do you want a blog? Well, this will just make sure that you have blog posts in a certain location.

So, of course, you want that and you’re going to choose the home page so that you have a list of blog posts on your home page and then it says do you want an online store?

Of course! Why not?

Bluehost Shared Web Hosting

I could definitely see you selling something like an e-book or some downloadable products or maybe a coaching guide later on.

All right, so there you have it and you’re going to scroll down and hit continue. So, the WooCommerce store is powered by WooCommerce, which is a plugin.

Next, it’s time to tell them a bit more about you. They will basically just try to understand what sort of site you want to make.

This will help them recommend your themes, give you better WordPress support through their blue sky.

They have a lot of upgraded support features. So, the more you tell them the better and they will read this and learn about your site so they can help you better later on.

Then, it says are you comfortable with creating websites?

Well, If you’re with me then yes, but if you need special support then you’re just going to hit the very last one so that you get the most options for WordPress support on the next screen and you get a phone number there if you want to call them for help.

So now it’s time to pick a theme that inspires you.

And finally, now you have successfully installed WordPress.

This is how to launch a WordPress site on Bluehost. It’s super easy.

Isn’t it?

Welcome to WordPress! You made it.

Now you know how to host a WordPress website on Bluehost, and you have also launched your first WordPress website already.

After launching your first website with Bluehost, now you can log in to the admin area of your WordPress website and post some really valuable content on your site.

You would also be able to install all the required plugins, change your theme, customize your website’s look and feel and a lot more, right from the WordPress dashboard.

WordPress Login Bluehost

After installing WordPress, you will get an URL created separately for the administration of your newly launched website.

To login to the WordPress Dashboard as an admin, you need to open the admin URL and log in from there.

If your website’s URL is yourname.com then the admin URL would be yourname.com/wp-admin

Once you open yourname.com/wp-admin in any web browser, it would ask you to supply the username and password that you selected while setting up your WordPress site.

Once you type in the username and password and log in, you would have full control of your website from the dashboard.

You could literally do anything with your website from there without even logging in to your Bluehost cPanel.

Bluehost WordPress Hosting

Let us now discover all the hidden secrets in the WordPress hosting closet, and I will talk about what WordPress hosting is and is it in reality worth it.

WordPress is the most widely used website builder and content management system in the world.

It’s been launched in 2003 and since then it’s been crucial to website making.

WordPress is super popular, 35% of all the websites and 38.03% of the top hundred thousand websites are WordPress based.

However, WordPress still remains a battle zone between a huge community of supporters and contributors who like WordPress because it’s free open-source, easy to learn, and has more than a hundred thousand themes and plug-ins for everything.

And on the other side, there are several haters, who mainly criticize WordPress because of its low speed, bad security, and low Google rankings.

But what if I tell you there is a hosting especially optimized to better meet WordPress performance and security called WordPress hosting.

Hosting is one of the most important but commonly overlooked aspects of running your website.

WordPress has been designed for flexibility and scalability on a variety of platforms.

So, you can run your website in any type of host the only technical requirement for running your website is MySQL 5.0.15 or higher and PHP 5. 2.4 or higher but this does not mean that you should host your website anywhere.

Processed without a high-quality host, your website will surely load slowly, have high downtime, and be less secure.

By choosing a high-quality WordPress host, you will greatly improve the performance of your site and receive a ton of additional advantages.

Benefits of Bluehost WordPress Hosting

The most common advantages are one-click install, which allows quickly installed WordPress to your website, automatic updates to the WordPress core and WordPress centered support team that can handle any question related to WordPress.

The two main types of WordPress hosting are shared hosting and managed to host.

Shared WordPress hosting is the cheapest form of WordPress hosting you will ever find, and this is mainly because you share server resources with another website hosting.

WordPress on a shared server can be an affordable choice for new business owners and smaller sites but for those who are looking for more speed security and support will need managed WordPress hosting.

Managed WordPress hosting takes the stress out of hosting and managing your site.

Usually managed WordPress hosting will use a dedicated server, but it can also be configured with VPS hosting, cloud hosting, or even a shared server environment.

With managed WordPress hosting you get high levels of security, incredibly fast speed, an up-to-date server, a high level of uptime, WordPress a centered support team.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make my WordPress site live Bluehost?

It’s very simple and easy. Select the domain name for your website, choose the right Bluehost Hosting Plan according to your budget, create your account, install WordPress with one-click install and you are done. After installing WordPress, all you need is to create some engaging posts for your visitors. I told you, it’s an easy process.

What’s the difference between Bluehost and WordPress?

Bluehost is the web hosting provider for your website whereas WordPress is the Content Management System (CMS) for your website. When you buy hosting from Bluehost, you install WordPress on your hosting at Bluehost. That’s the main difference. In simple words, I would say that the hosting is the hard disk drive of your computer whereas WordPress is the folder inside that drive where you place all your files.

Does Bluehost have a website builder?

Yes, Bluehost has a website builder. When you buy a hosting plan from Bluehost, you also get an option to select Bluehost extras along with your hosting plan, website builder falls under this extra category. You don’t basically need anything extra when you go for hosting with Bluehost because they already provide you everything that you need to set up your website, free domain name, free SSL, one-click WordPress installation, etc. However, if you still need a Bluehost website builder to build your website then yes, they do have it for you there.

How do I make my WordPress site private until launch?

If you want to hide your website from search engines until you complete all the work, then you have a very simple option to achieve this goal. You just have to log in to your WordPress dashboard, go to Settings > Reading and check the box “Discourage search engines from indexing this site”. That would instruct search engine crawlers, not to crawl and publish your website to the public yet.


Now you know How to Launch WordPress Site on Bluehost and what are the Benefits of Bluehost WordPress Hosting. By now you would have already launched your first website. If not already then, I would recommend you select either shared WordPress hosting or managed WordPress hosting depending on your budget and go with the WordPress website itself. Because WordPress is super easy to deal with and empowering millions of websites on the internet.

You don’t want to spend a lot of time wasted learning coding and all unnecessary stuff than doing the real work for your website. That’s the reason it’s always good to launch a WordPress website because you have millions of themes and millions of plugins freely available for you to literally do anything to grow your website on WordPress.

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