In my previous articles, I have compared the Bluehost plans and which Bluehost plan you should go for, and I found that CHOICE PLUS is the best Bluehost plan.

In this article, I will discuss the Bluehost monthly plan, so without wasting any time let’s talk about the Bluehost monthly plans.

Let’s discuss Bluehost pricing, fees, plans in detail.

Are you looking forward to purchasing the Bluehost plans?

You might be impressed with a bunch of offers, plans, and some covert fees.

Bluehost Monthly Plan

So first let me introduce you to the Bluehost Pricing and Plans to make you understand easily and know if they are right for you or not.

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Bluehost Pricing: What Are Their Offers?

Between $5.99 and $ 8.99 is the monthly renewal price of Shared hosting at Bluehost.

Good thing is that all its plans give a year of a free domain.

Their WordPress hosting plan begins at $39.99 reliably. VPS is $29.99, cloud hosting begins at $9.99, and a dedicated server for $120 a month.

Next, we will see the Bluehost shared hosting cost.

If you have got a big project or you have huge technical needs.  I would say that Bluehost shared hosting is the best and even the cheapest option available for you. 

Basic Plan

In the basic plan, there is only 1 website allowed to be hosted, in this plan you can get unlimited visitors.

You can create 5 email accounts in this plan, as this is a basic plan you will be getting 50 GB of storage.

As discussed above you will be able to get the free one-year domain even with this basic plan.

Hence in the first year, you need not worry about the domain.

You will be provided a total of 25 subdomains in this basic Bluehost plan.

Sadly, you will not get any advanced backup.

The basic plan provides 20 databases and unlimited FTP accounts along with this 1 Secure FTP Accounts, Free SSL that too via Lets Encrypt.

There is 30 days refund policy in this plan and no Dedicated IP.

Renewal Price

When you renew this basic Bluehost plan, for one year you have to pay $8.99 per month, for two years $8.49, and for three years you have to pay $7.99 per month.

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Plus Plan

In the basic plan, you get the hosting for a single website but in this plus plan, you can get unlimited allowed websites.

Storage in this plan is unlimited which is not there in the basic plan.

Here you will get unlimited bandwidth just like in the basic plan.

As you already know the domain in every plan is free for the very first year, unlimited subdomains, create unlimited email accounts in this plus plan.

Unfortunately, no advanced backups just like in the basic plan.

Limitless FTP accounts are provided in this plan of the Bluehost, with 1 Secure FTP account Free SSL via let’s encrypt, no dedicated IP.

You will get 30 days money-back guarantee that is given in all the plans.

Choice Plus

This plan is the best, it costs around $5.45.

In this plan, you get unlimited websites and unlimited traffic as well.

Free SSL certificate, the good thing is that it provides automatic website backup with domain privacy.

Just like the plus plan we can create unlimited email accounts, with limitless FTP accounts.

Here in this plan, there are unlimited databases available, in which you can store unlimited data or information.

This plan is also backed by a 30 days refund policy.

Renewal Price

12 Month’s renewal plan costs $16.99 per month, for 24 months $15.99 per month, for 36 months $14.99 per month.

Pro Plan

This plan costs you around $13.95 per month.

Just like the choice plus and plan, you will get unlimited traffic, unlimited websites.

And like the choice plan, you will get unlimited storage, create unlimited email accounts, access to unlimited databases to save data, and unlimited FTP accounts.

It also includes Advanced data backup, unlike other plans this plan has a Dedicated IP.

Renewal Price

12 months renewal plan costs around $25.99 per month, 24 months renewal price of $24.99 per month, and 36 months price of $23.99 per month.

Out of all the plans mentioned above with Bluehost monthly plan, I found that the basic plan is the cheapest plan on the web.

To get that deal, you are supposed to first pay for three years of services.

The total amount that you need to pay for this is $99.

If you love to go for the best always and are ready to pay a little extra, then the recommendation would be that you should look forward to the plus plan as its offers are the best among the other shared hosting plans.

As in this plan, you get unlimited storage, domains, and other listed offers.

For that, you have to pay $5.45 per month and a total of $196.20 for three years of its services.

The cost of choice and choice plus plans are the same, but you see choice provides a few extra things, like automatic backups that you can do on your own for free in the plus plan as well.

LET’S Talk about Bluehost VPS pricing

There are three levels in this plan that are Standard, Enhanced, and Ultimate.

I will talk individually about each of the three levels in an elaborated manner.

  1. So first I will discuss Standard VPS hosting, this standard VPS hosting costs around $19.99. It has 2 core CPU, it gives 30 GB SSD storage, with 2 GB RAM, 1 TB of bandwidth, it provides 1 IP address.
  2. Presently, what’s there in Enhanced VPS hosting, it costs around $29.99 bit higher than the standard one, with 2 core CPU, it has twice storage than that of standard one, it has 60 GB SSD storage, twice RAM than that of standard one and that is 4 GB RAM, alongside 2 TB of bandwidth and 2 IP addresses.
  3. I will now discuss the most Advanced VPS hosting that is Ultimate VPS hosting,  Ultimate VPS is truly extreme,  as it costs you around $59.99, with a radically high number of CPU cores, it gives 4 core CPU, with twice storage that is absolute 120 GB SSD storage, 8 GB of RAM, alongside 3 TB of bandwidth and 2 IP addresses too.

The difference between each of the above-mentioned VPS hosting is their resources.

The recommendation for choosing VPS hosting among the above would be Standard VPS Hosting, the reason being it is more than enough for many of the websites.

Although, with VPS Hosting Plans, there are also month-by-month, three-month, and six-month options.

But at that time the prices will go up for Standard VPS Hosting and that would be $29.99 per month.

Do You Know Which is the Most Expensive Bluehost Plan?

Let’s see which is a drastically expensive plan.

The most expensive Bluehost plan is the Dedicated Hosting Plan.

The reason that the Dedicated Hosting Plan is the most expensive is, you are spending for an entire server, dedicated to you, for the number 1 performance. Its cost starts at $79.99 per month.

Just like VPS HOSTING this plan also comprises three levels that are, STANDARD, IMPROVED, and PREMIUM.

let’s talk about three of them one- by- one:

Bluehost Dedicated Hosting Plans

Standard:   As referenced over, this is the costliest hosting, it begins at $79.99 every month with 4 cores at 2.3 GHz, it has 500 GB storage, 4 GB of RAM, 5 TB Bandwidth, and this hosting comes with 3 IP addresses

Enhanced:  This class of Dedicated Hosting costs $99.99, with 4 cores at 2.5 GHz, it gives 1 TB storage with 8GB RAM and 10TB Transmission capacity (Bandwidth), in this plan you are given 4 IP addresses

Premium: This level is premium, so it costs actually quite high. For this Dedicated Hosting plan, you need to pay $119.99 every month. In this premium dedicated hosting plan, you will get a 1 TB storage limit, 16 GB RAM, 15 TB bandwidth, and 4 cores at 3.3 GHz, you will get 5 IP addresses with this hosting plan.

Now the next topic is Shared WordPress Hosting.

Bluehost WordPress Hosting

Its price is the same as that of Bluehost’s shared hosting cost, which is $2.95 per month, next you will see what all this plan comprises.

This hosting additionally has the same plans as in Bluehost shared hosting and that is the Basic plan, Choice plan, plus plan.

It excludes the Pro plan which was there for the Bluehost shared hosting plan. So first we will see the Basic Plan,

In the Basic plan, you will be provided with hosting for 1 website, free SSL certificates like in Bluehost shared hosting, 50 GB SSD storage capacity, free domain registration, a pre-installed WordPress, automatic WordPress updates, and lastly access to premium themes.

In the Choice plan, you get unlimited sites, that are not there in the basic plan, free SSL authentication, with no capacity limit, free space utilization, a pre-introduced WordPress, preconfigured WordPress just like the basic plan, and access to premium themes.

In Plus Plan, again you are given unlimited sites, a free SSL certificate, unlimited capacity, free space utilization, preconfigured WordPress, WordPress updates, and access to premium themes.

As I mentioned, this plan is almost the same as of Bluehost shared hosting plan, but in this plan, you get access to extras on WordPress hosting, they are as follows:

  1. Pre-installed WordPress on all your websites and this option was not available in Bluehost shared hosting.
  2. Automated WordPress update, which was again missing from the Bluehost shared hosting.
  3. Access to premium themes, this option as well is unavailable there in Bluehost shared hosting.

These extra options were not available in the Bluehost shared hosting, but available in Bluehost WordPress hosting.

However, this plan does not have a pro plan like in the shared hosting plan.

If you want to use WordPress, then it is recommended that you should go for shared WordPress hosting as it provides some improvements.

For a beginner, all these features will help them a lot but for an experienced WordPress user, these features are not a big deal.

Bluehost Pricing for WooCommerce

In this plan, you would get the most interesting offers.

Its price starts at $6.95 per month. It includes a three-level Starter plan, plus plan and pro plan.

Bluehost monthly plan for WooCommerce is the same as previous plans, so let me list those:

Starter Plan: Same as other basic plans, you will get hosting for 1 site, 100 GB SSD Storage, a Storefront Theme will be preinstalled for you with this plan, a free SSL certificate for your store, Domain protection and Domain privacy, free setup call, free ads credit and one Microsoft Office 365 mailbox absolutely free for 30 days.

Plus Plan: It costs around $8.95 per month, with limitless online stores, unlimited SSD storage, this also comes with a storefront theme pre-installed, free SSL certificate, domain privacy, free setup call, Google my listing, free ads credit, another additional feature that is not available in its basic starter plan that is CodeGuard backup.

Pro Plan: The price of this plan is $12.95, a bit higher than the other two plans. It comprises the same option that is in the plus plan, they are, unlimited websites,  unlimited  SSD storage, storefront theme pre-installed, domain privacy, free setup call, Google my listing (Help posting your business on Google My Business), free advertising credit and automatic backups.

As you can see there are some interesting options like free setup call, free advertising credit, Google my listing (Helps to post your business on Google My Business), storefront theme pre-installed. That’s the reason why this plan is the most interesting one.

Let me ask a question to you, are you someone who is looking to set up your online store?

If your answer to this question is yes, then these shared hosting features would suffice your need, go for it.

For the first time, you should find a WooCommerce expert who is well experienced in this. Now one question that might arise in your mind is that, is the money spent on some of the extra options are really necessary or not, and the answer is yes, this shared hosting is better than any other shared hosting for your online business.

So basically, you should grab this offer at a very reasonable price with this discounted price link without any further delay.

To become successful in the online world, you need a trusted and reliable web hosting that guarantees uptime so that you rest assured that your business is up and running fine all the time.

You can’t get a cheap and best offer like this anywhere and Bluehost is the most trusted in the hosting industry.

What are you waiting for? Go ahead and grab the best web hosting for you at an insanely cheap price.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I pay monthly for WordPress?

With Bluehost hosting plans you get WordPress optimized hosting that comes with the facility where Bluehost themselves will install WordPress and all other required plugins for you with optimal settings to optimize your website for speed and best performance.

All this is done for free by Bluehost themselves for their customer.

Can you cancel Bluehost at any time?

Yes, Bluehost hosting comes with a money-back guarantee for 30 days. But even if you cancel your hosting after 30 days then you get your amount refunded to you without any issue. All they will deduct is the hosting cost for the number of days that you use their service.

Not like other cheap service providers where if you cross the number of days that they have mentioned, you get nothing refunded. They start explaining to you about their terms of service.

But in the case of Bluehost, you have the freedom to cancel the service anytime if you don’t like their service for any reason, that usually never happens though.

Does Bluehost offer refunds?

Yes, they do. If you want to cancel the service for any reason, then you get the full amount refunded without any deduction if you cancel the service within 30 days of the money-back guarantee period.

However, if you cancel their service after 30 days then they deduct the amount for an additional number of days that you used their service, and the remaining amount will be refunded to you.

How do I cancel my Bluehost domain?

Bluehost offers you a free domain name with every single purchase of a web hosting service from them. Firstly, choose your domain wisely so that you don’t have to cancel it afterward.

Secondly, if at all you need to cancel the domain name on Bluehost then keep in mind that you are not going to get anything in return and the reason is that you have not paid anything for buying that domain, Bluehost provided it free of cost to you.


As you can see Bluehost has everything that you need to be a successful marketer, be it through a blog, launching your service-based website, or opening an online store. Whatever you need for your business, Bluehost has it all.

All these Bluehost monthly plans listed here with their details will surely help you to choose the best that you are looking for.

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